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How do we get Nutrients in these forms?

We at Gro-Mor believe that by using the proper high quality raw materials in a monitored production process we can produce a special product, which results in a high percentage of readily available nutrients that the plant can immediately use for absorption, feeding, and growth. Our nitrogen sources include granular urea, and ammonium hydroxide. Our phosphorus source is phosphoric acid which is a very highly concentrated form of ortho-phosphate molecules. Yes, that's right!! The same kind that plant roots take in!! Potassium comes from potassium hydroxide; a clear, colorless liquid which has a high concentration of recoverable potassium molecules.

Industrial By-Products in GRO-MOR'S Fertilizers?

No!! Gro-Mor does not use industrial by-products in manufacturing fertilizer, unless they have been proven by laboratory testing to be of absolute high purity and extremely low metal content. Although we are bombarded by requests from manufacturers to utilize their by-products (at a fraction of the cost that we pay for high quality virgin raw materials) we do not stoop to pay the low prices that these manufacturers are requiring, because we do not want to pass the impurities in their products on to you, the farmer, thereby potentially contaminating your soil. Recent publications have pinpointed the dangers of using some of these fertilizers.

Salt Burn ChartSalt Burn Chart

Product Use Guidelines:

Gro-Mor's high quality products can be used with excellent results as starter fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and in drip irrigation. Here are some of the common application rates and analyses our customers prefer:

Preferred Analyses
Suggested Rate/acre
Starter Fertilizers:
9-18-9, 5-15-15
3-5 gal/ac in high soil test fields
5-8 gal/ac in medium soil test fields
8-10 gal/ac in low soil test fields

Starter Placement: Your planter may be set up to apply starter fertilizer on the seed, below the seed, to the side of the seed, below and to the side of the seed, or split between 2 of these option. Great yields have been obtained from all of these application methods - the selection depends mainly on your soil type, depth, stoneyness, average rainfall, time of planting, tillage methods, etc. You should consult with your Gro-Mor Representative for the best method to use on your farm, and be willing to experiment from time to time.

Preferred Analyses
Suggested Rate/acre
Foliar Feeding:
3-5 gal/ac at each of 3-4 sprays per season (alfalfa)
1-3 gal/ac at each of 4-9 sprays per season (fruit/veggies)
all analyses
Rate will vary based on use of additional fertility, frequency of Irrigation: irrigation, size of plants, soil test levels, etc. It is best to start low and build up the rate as needed.


Gro-Mor Products
(with & without micro nutrients)

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